Current Workshops:

“Your Golden Story ”

A Signature Story Mastery weekend for Speakers & Emerging Leaders
Date: March 2-4, 2018 in Kelowna, BC

At some point, in your childhood, you were golden – you experienced a moment when you felt like a golden child. When you first did something tugged at your heart, that foretold your purpose, your destiny, your passion.
But then you lost it.

This weekend event is about getting it back, claiming your golden story and learning how to tell it in powerful ways.
If you are a speaker, or emerging leader who wants to get out and speak or give workshops, you must master your signature story, your ‘why’ story. The first few minutes of your speech are the most important! You can make or break a presentation by how you deliver your opening story.
Join master educator, speaker and storyteller Diane Currie Sam, for this live weekend small group workshop for speakers and emerging leaders where we will discover, explore and present your golden story.



“Banish the Blank Page”

QuickStart Program: How to Write a Speech that Will Change You, Change the World, and Attract Clients Like Crazy”
Date TBA

Your six-figure, game-changing speaking career is right within your grasp… … but to get there, you actually have to move into action and write your speech! This 5 week group coaching and support program has everything you need to create your inspiring, life-changing speech – and you don’t have to do it alone. Live coaching calls, templates, tools, an interactive group, Q&A opportunities. Join today and get the support you need to *finally* get that speech written and launch your speaking career!



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