A Transformational Process! (TESTIMONIAL)

MichalOferI had been struggling to get my personal journey into a succinct ‘story’ for 6 months when I sat down with Diane. The entire process was enlightening, educational and truly transformational for me. Diane listened, noted, wrote and finally revealed the true essence of what I was trying to convey in an emotional, enticing and riveting package that I will use in multiple applications going forward. Her direct questioning and active participation as I was explaining my journey allowed us to condense 30+ years of my life into under 10 minutes with every important and relevant fact covered. My story is complex, and the subject matter sometimes uncomfortable and emotional to discuss, yet Diane made it interesting and accessible.Her writing skills and masterful story-telling direction will ensure that my audience will be engaged throughout – no boredom here. Even my husband wanted to hear the whole thing, twice!!!

Thank you Diane for creating a true masterpiece, a foundational piece of my business and my speaking that I know will resonate with many and support me in helping and changing the lives of others. Diane has made my mission and vision all the more powerful and attainable with some great creativity, honesty, vulnerability and a true understanding of my core intentions. I now truly am a better story!

Sending a HUGE hug your way!!


Michal Ofer
Digestive Expert, Nutritional Consultantp:403-869-9679 | e:michal@michalofer.com | w:www.michalofer.com


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