“Anyone who has a new idea and wants to change the world will do better by telling stories than by any amount of logical exhortation. “
– Stephen Denning, The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling

A well-told story can be an extraordinarily powerful way to create change – when done right.

In this one-of-a-kind presentation, Diane Currie Sam, a communications advisor and story strategist, cracks the code on how to orchestrate and shape powerfully persuasive stories that inspire, motivate, educate, launch movements and change lives.

Learn how to:

● Find, structure and position your organization’s “Golden Stories” for maximum impact,
● Balance emotion with information in a strategically told story
● Develop story-based leaders and a storytelling culture in your organization through Diane’s unique StoryCentering​TM  tools and techniques.

The future isn’t a place you go to – it’s something you invent. Your ability to invent the future depends on how well you communicate your ideas. Want people to act on your ideas? Want to create big change?

This “lunch and learn” style presentation will show you how to harness the power of big storytelling.


* Be a Better Story offers a number of custom programs for organizations undergoing change, including the “Urgent Challenge Solution: Storytelling for Change Makers”  full day workshop, leadership retreats, speaker coaching and more. Book a complementary consultation today to find out how you can bring storytelling as a leadership practice into your organization.

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