Why “Be a Better Story”?

Because your Life and your Business Should Be Epic

Because if you want an EPIC business, you need an EPIC story –  one that is grand, heroic, remarkable.

An epic story is the difference between a single story and a series of stories. If J.K. Rowling had stopped at one book, the world would have a good children’s story, but it wouldn’t have the epic book series, the multiple translations, the 8 movies, the video games and theme park.


From a business standpoint, the “Be a Better Story” education/coaching program  is not about writing a good “About Us” page and leaving it at that.

It is about creating an epic business story, a grand, heroic adventure told in a series of stories, which can, like the Harry Potter stories, be repurposed into multiple storytelling formats and lead to lots of opportunities, publicity and money flowing in.

So, think big. Think epic.

Your story can lead to a theme park.

Because Telling a Story Stops you from Being a Boring Brand

I have a simple question for you:

What makes you different from everyone else that does what you do?

If you don’t know right away, and have a compelling story to share, then you are being a boring brand. I know it’s tough to hear, but in today’s world, you have to stand out, be unique. Take a long look at your marketing content. Is it stuck in 1990′s corporate speak? Is it full of bullet points and features/benefits?

Or is it a compelling story?

I have sat down and worked on marketing content with hundreds of clients, who wanted the step-by-step “how to’s” of marketing a business. And I can teach that. But it is only partially effective if you don’t start out with a compelling story that defines your business and who you are in the world. Human beings think and remember in images, in stories. Not in bullet points.

I always called myself a storyteller, and one day a client said to me: “Diane, you’re more than a story-teller, you’re a story-puller!”  I love that description, because it’s not only about effectively telling your business stories, it’s about pulling them out in the first place. Believe me, doing that first will save you time and money and heartache.

But here’s an even deeper reason …

Want to write a better ending for your business story? Contact me today and let’s start swapping stories!

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