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josephineCAs far as investments go, working with Diane and her Be a Better Story marketing team has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my career.”

Be The Best You Possible Everyday!
Josephine A. Camilleri, CPC, ELI-MP
Professional Life Coach
Office:  416-795-ZEST(9378)

“The best conversion rate  I have seen in all my years of doing presentations. ‘

TIanDunsmuirhanks very much for working with me to write and critique my talk. I just had the best conversion rate  I have seen in all my years of doing presentations. I am excited about moving forward and doing more!”

Ian Dunsmuir
Acupuncturist, Advanced Healing Arts

201 – 2615 St. Johns street
Port Moody, BC  V3H 2B5
Tel: 604.939.4325
Cel: 604.916.4325


“As for thtammyShergere return on investment, all I can say is WOW!”

In preparing for my transition from my senior executive role and 25+ successful years in business I made a decision to start a revolution. The MEETING Revolution, the only roadblock is that the majority of people in companies “Hate” meetings so how was I going to overcome this disdain and have then buy in to my MEETING system that could transform their company?

I needed to make meetings a “sexy” and “interesting” topic. I had seen Diane’s work through a webinar and decided it was worth a try. Honestly I did not have high expectations, (sorry Diane) but I arranged a consultation call. In the first call I thought maybe she can help me, she appeared to intuitively get that I did have something important to share, but it did require a unique way to message it.

In that call I made the decision to have Diane work one on one with me to create my signature talk/ presentation a core piece of my business model. Honestly I still was not confident it would work I would have to say I was desperate. I sent Diane the work I had completed so far, I would like to note that I had spent close to 80 hours of my time on it already.

The first 90 minutes I was in shock, I could talk and she translated what I was saying in to an amazing story that I knew was the answer to my problem of how to make “Meetings” interesting.

When I received the first piece of work prior to our second meeting I was actually in tears, Diane had not only found the way to tell my story about meetings she had also captured the emotion that I felt. I am now more inspired, more confident and I cannot wait to deliver my presentation.

As for the return on investment, all I can say is WOW! I wish I had met Diane before I put in the 80 hours of work on my talk! I would already be delivering my presentation.

I know I will be doing business with Diane and her company again! If you have a story to tell (and we all do) and you cannot get the words from your brain to the paper you need Diane.

With great gratitude,

Tammy Sherger CEO

The MEETING Revolution

 “A True Masterpiece!”

MichalOfer My story is complex, and the subject matter sometimes uncomfortable and emotional to discuss, yet Diane made it interesting and accessible.Her writing skills and masterful story-telling direction will ensure that my audience will be engaged throughout – no boredom here.  Even my husband wanted to hear the whole thing, twice!!! Thank you Diane for creating a true masterpiece, a foundational piece of my business and my speaking that I know will resonate with many and support me in helping and changing the lives of others.  Read more here.

- Michal Ofer

Nola-aboutI am still in awe at how easy you made it. ” 

“Diane, thank you so much for all your help in putting together my presentation script.  I was skeptical at first.  I wondered whether I was prepared enough.   Before our first call, I was feeling overwhelmed.   You quickly put me at ease and through us just talking and you asking questions, my script was created quickly and easily.  You seemed to have a way of getting inside my head.  You found the perfect way to word the message that I was trying to get across to my clients. I am still in awe at how easy you made it.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  ”

- Nola Peacock, CEO/Owner
Confident Happy Kids

“Diane knew exactly what to cut out, what to add in and what to put where, in order to get my story across effectively.”

carmendunn“Before I worked with Diane, I was struggling with the underlying strategy and the order of how to communicate my bio and turning point story. In working with her, she knew exactly what to cut out, what to add in and what to put where, in order to get my story across effectively. I feel so relieved that it’s finally done. The story just feels right and it’s a load off my mind and to-do list.”


- Carmen Dunn, Orthomolecular Nutritionist
Nutritional Coaching for Professional Women

 You delivered 300, no, 400% more than I even expected …” 

” Thanks Diane for helping me pull together this webinar. You delivered 300, no 400% more than I even expected. It was a great success.”

- Rennie Gabriel, Wealth on any Income

“You are a Great Teacher, a Great Mentor!”

leahCarey“You are a great teacher, a great mentor. You are very creative, yet very structured. I love that in a person. I really appreciated you taking us through a formatted course. It was because of your course that we had this major breakthrough that we needed to have in our business. This has made everything so much easier. Everything! Everything! Suddenly ideas are coming that are executable ideas. We got unstuck, and that is a huge, huge, win and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it.”
- Leah Carey, Ardent Goods


“My business now has a “voice”, a new direction and a social media strategy.”

sabrinaPriest“Working with Diane has been such a great source of encouragement and a much needed life line for my business. I had been struggling with identifying a “voice” for my business brand for a few years. However, after working through Diane’s VIP Day one on one program, my business now has a “voice”, a new direction and a social media strategy. Diane took the time to examine how my business was currently doing on social media, how I should go about improving it and how to do that! In addition, Diane’s course helped me to think outside the box with my business with tips, strategies and ideas about how to engage my target audience. One of my social media platforms has engagement over 100% now since implementing Diane’s strategies!

If you are discouraged about your business growth, definitely call Diane to help you get excited about your business and moving it forward again!”
- Sabrina Priest, Owner/CEO,  Bellissima Baby Bags


Diane Currie Sam Gave me a Gift!


‘Diane Currie Sam gave me a gift. She presented me with a biography that made me step up. She didn’t just write me as I am today, she somehow glimpsed the future and created a statement that I now aspire to. It wasn’t about flattery, it was about nailing it energetically. Her words are inspiring me to grow in ways I didn’t realize I wanted to until I read it. It was a match to my spark. Thank you Diane.’

Cindia Carrere
Intuitive for Entrepreneurs


Truly Enjoyed Working with You! 

Steven-2-photo.jog_‘Thank you so much for helping me with putting together my presentation.  Your approach was very unique.  I love how as I speak in my own language you craft a story and put it in a way in which I know will engage my audience and give me a finished product at the end of the process.

Truly enjoyed working with you on this.”

- Steven Logreira

carlLeahArdentGoods“We’ve grown our business because of your approach, and that’s very cool!”

“When we first talked to you, the notion of marketing yourself through a story seemed like a good way to present a brand and a company, but you’ve build an entire structure around it so now it makes sense! We have organized stories, we have different kinds of stories, we know how they flow together and have continuity. We’ve grown our business because of your approach, and that’s very cool!”

- Carl Scholz, Ardent Goods


“I would heartily recommend that you get some coaching from Diane.”

DrDianaIt has been great working with Diane Currie Sam to uncover my money issues.  I have learned many things about myself and uncovered several key areas to work on.  Through the past 6 weeks, I have had a major shift in what I believe about money, my own self-worth and even how I look at life.  Diane is smart, perceptive and very caring.  She has helped me become more organized with my finances and marketing and given me a working plan that is easy to follow.  Since working with Diane, I have gained several new clients and have a stronger purpose and direction to my business.  Thanks so much, Diane, for helping me get my business off the ground!  I can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring! If you are looking for help to either launch a business or grow an already established business, I would heartily recommend that you get some coaching from Diane.
- – Dr. Diana Galbraith, First Get Healthy

“Working with Diane has been more than instrumental for our business”

FloraLaura“Working with Diane has been more than instrumental for our business. We sought her counseling before we had officially opened our doors. We were a start up business, so it was something different for her. She confidently accepted the challenge and guided us each step of the way. When we started we were bare as bones, had no website nor were we able to accept credit cards.

With her help she eliminated the fears we had that prevented us from pushing forward. She instilled drive and forced us to stay on path with our goals. She helped us launch our business, attract customers, build our social media, & did coaching sessions on selling strategies. Now we have a growing customer base, confidence in the direction our business is going, and the tools to grow. We are forever thankful for her guidance and are very sad that our weekly sessions will end.”

- Laura Nelson-Cepeda, and Flora Paulino Weakly, owners of the online store Neni & Me.


“A Master Storyteller”
peopleatEvent Wow, every man, woman and child needs you! It’s true all of humanity needs that energy from you. As the feminine, you are it …. as important as Mother Earth.”

“You are a master storyteller. Your story deeply touched my heart and helped me grow. Was so much fun working with you this weekend. “
- Participants, Mesmerize your Audience weekend event


The Best!! 

“I found Diane’s class on Story-based Marketing the best and most useful of all the masterclasses I have participated in on the International Association of Professional Life Coaches! Thank you so much.”  - Francis Delahanty, Life Coach



carolcramA Big Hit!
Diane’s workshop on “Responding to Opportunities for Innovation” was a big hit at the British Columbia Centre for International Education conference at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Center. Participants loved her enthusiastic and interactive teaching style.
Carol Cram, Capilano College



nicole-christen“Diane is a skilled and inspiring speaker”
Diane is a skilled and inspiring speaker who connected instantly to the mom entrepreneurs who attended the Entrepreneur Mom Now webinar at which she was the presenter. Her advice was practical and realistic, yet motivated my audience that new heights of business success were indeed attainable. I look forward to having her present to my community again in the future.
- Nicole Christen
– National Director at Entrepreneur Mom Now

Expanding our Horizons…
Thank you very much for such an interesting and enthusiastic presentation. From my experience, both personal & professional innovation isn’t always practiced and developed as much as it should. Through your presentation, I’ve learned that innovation doesn’t need to be isolated to one area – it’s about expanding our horizons, our energies and our spheres to incorporate any new or existing ideas that would bring value to our work.

Learning about the barriers to innovation was particularly timely since I will be facing some innovation challenges soon. With your tools and techniques, I now feel able to address these challenges and work together to build a better team.
Clare Agapeyev – VP, Communications, HelpDesk BC

Absolutely Incredible
“I would like to say how much I appreciated your marvelous presentation to the students. You would have been so proud of them at the end — they were absolutely incredible! All thanks to you…”
University of British Columbia, Continuing Studies

Very Refreshing and Uplifting!
Keep up the good work – you do make a positive influence. Excellent workshop – very refreshing and uplifting!
Participant’s comments from: “Overcoming Challenges”, Coquitlam Alliance Church.

Spoke to the Heart!
Your presentation spoke to the “heart” of the issues too often compromised in favour of short term goals or immediate revenues. I believe the audience appreciated your entertaining approach to delivering the essential message about how to create and foster ‘greatness’ while avoiding the pitfalls of mediocrity. DigitalEve Victoria is well on it’s way!
Katherine Walker, Digital Eve Victoria (Women’s Business Group)

“Thanks for your dynamic talk. Our students are still talking about it, and inspired for their future. ”
Burnaby School District

The day started with bang thanks to your program – everyone was very enthusiastic – you did a great job! Kudos!
“I Don’t Want to be a Dinosaur! (upgrading business skills/talking to the Internet generation” participant


Please contact Diane via email for a discussion of how I can tailor a presentation, keynote address or workshop to meet the needs of your organization.

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