Nobody is Ready for the Change That’s coming ..

Who remembers Blockbuster’s? Roger’s video stores? Renting a movie on the weekend was just a standard thing. We did it all the time. Then it just seemed to disappear. I mean, those stores just seemed to drop like flies, suddenly. Remember how fast that change happened? Doesn’t it seem like it happened ages ago? It was 2013 when Blockbusters closed its last store. Only 4 years ago. A whole industry gone.

But what about now? When I gave my speech in Edmonton last month, it occurred to me. Oh my God. they have no idea. People have no idea about the rapid change that is coming at us now. Think of the next decade or so as change on steroids. Think the Internet Revolution happened fast?

Nobody is ready for what’s coming next, and how fast it’s going to happen!! Digital currency, clean tech, quantum computing, robotics, medicine/genetics. Not to mention social upheaval, global warming. Look at the Interior of BC burning right now. I grew up in that area! My homeland, my old stomping ground. Look at the floods in Calgary, Fort McMurray burning to the ground. The collapse of the USA as any sort of credible world leader.

Everything is going to change. Fast and soon. The question is … what are we going to do about it?

As a speaker, we know the importance of story, the power of storytelling to effect social change .. is that part of the answer?

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