Is “The New Paradigm” Simply Better Communication?

Somehow we have to learn to communicate with each other better.

Lately, I’ve been turned off by social media. The nasty name calling, the search for the meaningless yet attention-getting sound bite, the lack of critical or nuanced thinking, the ‘us vs. them’ mentality.  And yet …

It can be a powerful force for voices to be heard, for stories to be told, and yes, to ‘demand’ change. Look at the “metoo” movement .. the stories, the passion and energy behind the stories have brought about significant change. 

I see the energy behind the #metoo movement to a ‘blocking’ type energy, like we are putting up our hands and saying ‘no more’. It’s rebellious, angry energy, which  is needed to start things, to shake up the status quo. It is getting the ball the rolling.

The #metoo stories were catalysing – they opened up eyes and as they did, it became perfectly clear that a new paradigm needs to emerge.

But now what? What happens next in the story?

Well, if it’s a good story, some kind of change starts to happen. A new paradigm emerges.

So, right now, women have put up a big ‘block’, a big ‘no more”. And we need to hold that “fighting/anger” energy for a while, look at it, even let it build up and see what new paradigms arise out of it. We need to gather our power – then direct it some way so it becomes something better.

I’m hoping/suspecting that the new paradigms will be all about communication. Powerful, directed, empathetic. In the age of the Internet, the very age that is demanding us to communicate as a global community, we have to do better.

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