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Here’s some stories of our clients and their breakthroughs that may help you understand what we do, what sort of impact becoming story-based marketers had on their business, and what the ‘Be a Better Story” education and coaching program can do for you.

Two Women and an Idea

FloraLauraYou know that exhilarating feeling you have when you are almost ready to ‘open the doors’ on a new business? That thrill of finally doing it?

That was when I had the privilege of coaching Laura Nelson-Cepeda, and Flora Paulino Weakly, owners of Neni & Me retail store. I say privilege because that gave me a chance to help them hone their “Big True Story” right from the beginning. What were they going to tell their market? How were they going to position themselves in the hearts and minds of the new moms they served in their just-launched store? What type of business did they want to be? Exciting stuff!

How does an idea become reality? It is both told and lived into reality.

So, with my ongoing coaching and business advice, Laura and Flora told a story of how they were two young mothers on the island of Guam, who couldn’t find quality, natural baby/maternity products, and believed they could make a difference for moms on the island. They stood for local moms. Then, they lived that story in everything they did, from supporting and buying locally made products, to participating in local events and putting on healthy baby workshops for local moms, to initiating great social media story-based marketing campaigns.  Anytime they had a decision to make, they referred back to their original story or quest and asked whether the action they were about to take supported that quest.  If it did, they did it and talked about it. If it didn’t it was dropped.

The idea of their business is now a profitable and ongoing reality. As Laura puts it “Now we have a growing customer base, confidence in the direction our business is going, and the tools to grow. We are forever thankful for Diane’s guidance”!

What a privilege to be part of their story.

Read their full testimonial here.


DrDianaThe Health Coach Discovers a Better Money Story

Part of discovering your Big, True Story for your business is uncovering the personal stories you tell yourself. This is especially crucial for small, one-person consulting businesses like coaches, trainers, therapists. It may be that one of the stories you tell yourself is holding you back. Big time.

This is what was going on with Health/Wellness coach Dr. Diana Galbraith, who I worked with to uncover, heal and transform the story she was telling herself about money.

I remember Diana and I talking about lessons and stories her parents told her about money (and life) when she was a child, and how that impacted her money patterns even now.  When Diana and I looked back at a life time of patterns and stories, it started to become clear to her, and she became free of unconscious money patterns. As a coach, this is a precious moment for me, when a client sees something clearly for maybe the first time. I experience it as a moment of quiet tension, followed usually by a long breath or sigh, as the story not only unfolds before them, but also provides them with an opening to change the story and be something different.

As a sole proprietor business owner, Diana began to charge more, change how she invested and for what reason, and look more closely at her pricing structures and programs. When you start to tell yourself a more powerful money story, you change your whole business story to be more powerful and profitable.

As Diana put it:I have had a major shift in what I believe about money, my own self-worth and even how I look at life.”  And as that shift happened, she got off the “I need more clients’ treadmill, got several new clients right away, and her new, powerful stories gave her a business direction that worked for her.

Read her full testimonial here.


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