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Please Check Your Inbox

Thanks for your interest in creating an online course! Please check your inbox for more information.    .. Diane
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I Just Bombed a Sales Call (took me a few minutes, but I figured out why)

Just got off the phone with someone would have been a perfect client for me. Funny, articulate, smart, super-educated, a fellow Sci-fi nerd, and wanting to move from an employee life into an entrepreneurial life as a life coach. We got along well, we talked about her dreams, we talked about money, about the plan […]
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I’m Learning So Much From You!

“I just can’t get over it! It’s amazing every week, going through your outline, reading your book … it’s like you are a master at this stuff! The way you lay everything out, and the energy, and the humour, you really know how people want to hear things! It’s how you say things, and how […]
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"I Became a Better Person’

“I understood myself a lot better after working with you on my story, actually I became a better person because of you. Thank you.” – Martin Ricketts, Digital Samurai
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Bored of Your Own Story? Read this.

An Insight and an Announcement … Yesterday I was on a call and a woman who wants to do some public speaking told me her ‘signature story’. With a STUNNING lack of enthusiasm and energy. It was like she was reciting a resume or reading out a grocery list. I get it – (I have […]
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Special Offer for Speakers & Workshop Leaders!

I’m excited to announce I’ve opened up more “Discover Your Story” consultation sessions this month! If you are a business owner or CEO who is looking to move your vision forward, make a big impact and grow your business through speaking, you MUST have a compelling speech written. But it’s not always easy to figure […]
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Racism, Sexism and the Fight for the Story

I’m reading a fascinating novel right now.  It’s called Lion’s Blood.  It’s by American Sci Fi writer Steven Barnes, and the reason it came to my attention was because of a Facebook post from Steven critizing the up-coming HBO series by Game of Throne creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss called Confederate. Confederate is about an alternative […]
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The #1 Thing Successful Speakers Never Do …

There is no other path to a successful speech or workshop than through the story. A successful public speaker or workshop leader never underestimates the importance of that opening story. I once spend 3 full days at a workshop writing, performing and perfecting the opening 5 minutes of my presentations. It’s that important. Whenever I’ve […]
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This is Phenomenal! You are amazing!

“This is fucking phenomenal! You are amazing! You get into my head, and let me be myself. I struggled so hard with this before working with you. You saved me hours and hours of work and frustration!” – Nicole Kraft, Sexual Esteem Educator  
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3 Ways Writing a Speech Will Make You a Better Leader

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo-preneur or a CEO of a major corporation, getting out and speaking to a crowd will make you a better leader. And getting a speech or presentation created is the first step toward that. Let’s look at how getting that speech done leads directly to better leadership … […]
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