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"I Became a Better Person’

“I understood myself a lot better after working with you on my story, actually I became a better person because of you. Thank you.” – Martin Ricketts, Digital Samurai
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Bored of Your Own Story? Read this.

An Insight and an Announcement … Yesterday I was on a call and a woman who wants to do some public speaking told me her ‘signature story’. With a STUNNING lack of enthusiasm and energy. It was like she was reciting a resume or reading out a grocery list. I get it – (I have […]
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Special Offer for Speakers & Workshop Leaders!

I’m excited to announce I’ve opened up more “Discover Your Story” consultation sessions this month! If you are a business owner or CEO who is looking to move your vision forward, make a big impact and grow your business through speaking, you MUST have a compelling speech written. But it’s not always easy to figure […]
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Racism, Sexism and the Fight for the Story

I’m reading a fascinating novel right now.  It’s called Lion’s Blood.  It’s by American Sci Fi writer Steven Barnes, and the reason it came to my attention was because of a Facebook post from Steven critizing the up-coming HBO series by Game of Throne creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss called Confederate. Confederate is about an alternative […]
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The #1 Thing Successful Speakers Never Do …

There is no other path to a successful speech or workshop than through the story. A successful public speaker or workshop leader never underestimates the importance of that opening story. I once spend 3 full days at a workshop writing, performing and perfecting the opening 5 minutes of my presentations. It’s that important. Whenever I’ve […]
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This is Phenomenal! You are amazing!

“This is fucking phenomenal! You are amazing! You get into my head, and let me be myself. I struggled so hard with this before working with you. You saved me hours and hours of work and frustration!” – Nicole Kraft, Sexual Esteem Educator  
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3 Ways Writing a Speech Will Make You a Better Leader

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo-preneur or a CEO of a major corporation, getting out and speaking to a crowd will make you a better leader. And getting a speech or presentation created is the first step toward that. Let’s look at how getting that speech done leads directly to better leadership … […]
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Nobody is Ready for the Change That’s coming ..

Who remembers Blockbuster’s? Roger’s video stores? Renting a movie on the weekend was just a standard thing. We did it all the time. Then it just seemed to disappear. I mean, those stores just seemed to drop like flies, suddenly. Remember how fast that change happened? Doesn’t it seem like it happened ages ago? It […]
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That Time I was So Funny That Nobody Bought From Me …

For those of you that don’t know me personally, let me just tell you: I’m a funny person. I know how to lighten the mood, create a fun atmosphere, get a few laughs. I think that’s why I love public speaking – there’s nothing like cracking the right joke at the right time and getting […]
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Moving from a Corporate Job to Entrepreneurship? Never say this …

So I’m tired of hearing this, so I’m just going to come out and tell you. If you are moving from a corporate (or academic) job and have started up a business, never say: “I just want to replace my salary”. I’m often working with people in the beginning stages of their business, people who’ve […]
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