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Q & A Session with Sara Bingham from WeeHands …

Are you:   Interested in Bringing in Workshops/Classes to your Store?   Curious about the BIG Trend of Baby/Toddler Communication through Signing?   Wanting to know if the WeeHands Program is right for your business? Then click here to download the recorded audio for a recent Q&A Session we had with WeeHands founder, Sara Bingham, hosted by Diane […]
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Social Media Mommy Magnet

This is a promotional coupon that goes on the MoBoleez site. Follow it and see how it creates a viral response on facebook. Contact us for more information on our “Social Media Mommy Magnet”.
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“The New Retail” – what is it?

I’ve been talking to business owners in mom/baby/maternity for the last several years, coaching, teaching and selling, and over and over again, I’ve had the discussion with store owners about a concept of “new retail”. The conversation is usually about how times have changed, how they are struggling to compete, how they need to differentiate […]
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Bad News :( Something Just Isn’t Working in the Maternity/Baby/Juvenile Market …

In the past year of researching, coaching and consulting with business owners in the Maternity/Baby/Juvenile Markets, I’ve heard some heartbreaking stories, and had some deep and heartfelt conversations about what is happening “out there” and of course, what’s been happening “inside” too. Here’s a quick summary of how I see it: Outside Stuff To help […]
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Breakdown or Breakthrough? How to Bounce Back from a Business Setback …

We all want things to ‘work’ don’t we? Isn’t that what all the success literature out there is about ? Having a successful business, running a profitable store that just churns out the money month after month, right? How far is that from the truth for you? For most of us …. The truth is […]
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Nurturewear – Major Sale (Clearing out Stock)

We are clearing out some of our Nurturewear styles to make way for new stock, so we are offering a SUPER special this month on all our remaining Nurturewear lounge sets (Summer and Winter Styles). Regular wholesale price $36, on sale in August for $27 (MSRP $69) ORDER TODAY! (NOTE: this is a wholesale site, […]
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Struggling with Cash Flow? 5 Super Secrets to Accelerate your Income Now!

Do you feel frustrated at under earning? Do you frequently find yourself short of money, struggling with cash flow, despite your efforts? Do you want to achieve a new level of success in your business, but something always seems to prevent you from making significant progress towards your goals? Then start your engines! Join masters-level […]
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Wow! MoBoleez Sun Hats/Nursing Covers Special Offer

Offer valid till Aug 15/12! Get your order in today. In celebration of World Breastfeeding week, we’re offering 16 hats for the price of 15 .. and a display picture as well! Insprired by vintage patterns, the nostalgia of rockablilly, punk rock, champagne bubbles and the summer of love, this Couture Collection is a fun, […]
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Why you Need to Add Workshops to your Business right NOW!

I sat down and had a chat with my bank manager today, and as she was trying to sell me some mutual funds, she said to me, “honestly, nowadays the only difference between banks is customer service. Other than that, you can get the same rates and service fees anywhere. The only thing that you […]
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