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[SWIPE] – Speech Writing Master Template

Writing a speech is both an art and a science, and must tug at the heart, while it appeals to the  head 🙂 Of course, a master storyteller/speechwriter is going to be able to finesse the art of the speech … (come up with fun examples/themes, stories, make it sound and feel amazing … ) […]
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SERIOUSLY, Write Your Speech

I’d like to get serious for a second here. 2018 is just around the corner.  You have a powerful and important message you want to get out, and … Writing a speech is the most important first step in getting that message out. Why? Because it is the BEST way I know how to ensure […]
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Writing a Speech (Your FIRST 3 Steps)

It’s time to get your speech written? What do you do? What are your first steps if you are staring at a blank page wanting to get going? Figure out your audience – seriously, picture someone in your head. Your ideal audience. The perfect, responsive and eager client. Know exactly who it is. Figure out […]
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APPLAUSE (what it really means )

Ok. I have to be honest here. I LOVE applause.  It makes me feel good. It’s an ego booster. But, as a speaker, what does it really mean? It means you’ve emotionally engaged the audience. Something you’ve said or done caused an emotional response. Speaking from stage, whether it’s in a workshop format or a […]
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Speech Writing Course BOGO (Today ONLY offer)

I can’t believe I’m doing this!! I almost NEVER offer this program for sale (because it is so value priced already … 🙂 But, it’s Black Friday, and I got excited about the idea … So, for today ONLY if you register for my upcoming speech writing course … You can bring a friend or […]
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Is an Online Course in Your Plans for 2018?

If you’re looking for help getting your Online Course done, I’d love to introduce you to my friend Paul Keetch. Paul is an amazing coach! He’s one of my Trusted Advisors when I have any questions about technology or systemizing my programs, and I give him my full endorsement. Paul has a program called Virtual […]
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Please Check Your Inbox

Thanks for your interest in creating an online course! Please check your inbox for more information.    .. Diane
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I Just Bombed a Sales Call (took me a few minutes, but I figured out why)

Just got off the phone with someone would have been a perfect client for me. Funny, articulate, smart, super-educated, a fellow Sci-fi nerd, and wanting to move from an employee life into an entrepreneurial life as a life coach. We got along well, we talked about her dreams, we talked about money, about the plan […]
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I’m Learning So Much From You!

“I just can’t get over it! It’s amazing every week, going through your outline, reading your book … it’s like you are a master at this stuff! The way you lay everything out, and the energy, and the humour, you really know how people want to hear things! It’s how you say things, and how […]
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"I Became a Better Person’

“I understood myself a lot better after working with you on my story, actually I became a better person because of you. Thank you.” – Martin Ricketts, Digital Samurai
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