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An Insight and an Announcement …

BoredGirlYesterday I was on a call and a woman who wants to do some public speaking told me her ‘signature story’. With a STUNNING lack of enthusiasm and energy. It was like she was reciting a resume or reading out a grocery list.

I get it – (I have a knack for reading the energy behind a story and how it is being told), and guess what? —- **I’m seeing this more and more*** —- the old stories are dying out. [The Insight]

They don’t have the same energy anymore. It’s like what’s happening ‘out there’, with all the upheavals in the way people think, in the stories they tell themselves, in the collapse of dearly-held cultural myths, is ALSO HAPPENING inside. Old stories have no energy anymore. They aren’t working.

BUT, there’s a struggle with “what is the new story?” “what I am going to say instead?” “what works for me now?”

What you need is a sense of clarity, a new direction. You need to sit down with someone and sort through all the stories, the ideas, the insights and come up with something golden, true, a story that will move you into the next decades and changes to come with power and energy. A story that serves you NOW, not an old story that is stuck on autopilot and not serving you anymore.

This woman is now a client. She’s also coming to my “Your Golden Story” event this fall. [The Announcement, LOL] If you resonate with any of this, just reach out and contact me. This weekend in October is going to be life-changing for a few people, maybe you’re one of them.

Because the old stories just aren’t working anymore.




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Diane Currie Sam is an award-winning communications strategist, a sales & marketing expert and master storyteller who has spoken on stages internationally and worked with hundreds of clients to initiate massive growth in their businesses, secure millions of dollars in funding and sales contracts, and initiate change through creating story-based speeches, webinars and investment pitches.

She is the founder/CEO of “Be a Better Story” business services and a contributing columnist for Inc. Magazine. She has a Bachelor's of Science degree from the University of BC and a Masters of Arts in psychology from Trinity Western University.

She is also a lifelong innovator and entrepreneur, Harry Potter fan, poet, aspiring romance novelist, author of the book "Stop Staring at a Blank Page: How to Write a Speech that Will Transform You, Change the World and Attract Clients Like Honey", published by BlissLife Press.

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