3 Ways Writing a Speech Will Make You a Better Leader

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo-preneur or a CEO of a major corporation, getting out and speaking to a crowd will make you a better leader.SpeakerMan

And getting a speech or presentation created is the first step toward that.

Let’s look at how getting that speech done leads directly to better leadership …

1. You Create a “Why Story” …

Everytime I work with a client to create a speech or presentation, we focus in on the ‘why’. Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you creating this speech? Why is this important?

Getting a speech done really forces you to clarify your ‘why’ and turns it into a core story that people will understand – and stories are what people remember and what they share. It’s why they follow you. 

2. You Understand Your Own Story Better 

I’m just going to come right out and own it: 

Storytelling is personally transformative. Reaching into the core of yourself and exploring the stories you want to tell and why is powerful. It makes you think about your life, your legacy, what you stand for.   If you want to be a leader, and have people follow you, you have to understand yourself.

And getting a speech done, a powerful presentation that masterfully weaves in the stories of your life automatically leads to personal growth and a higher level of leadership.

  3. People Start to Follow You …  

The minute you get clear on your message, on your stories, and your intention to lead, people start to follow you. It’s incredible the clarity that comes from being absolutely clear on what you are going to say and how you are going to deliver it. 

The best leaders of the last century have been storytellers and speakers. They masterfuly wove in stories of their lives with the ‘big’ mythological stories, symbols and meaningful content. People were mesmerized by them and started to follow them. Sometimes in bigger ways than they even imagined.

Is it time for you to Step up as a Leader and Get Your Speech Written? 

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